What can I say!! You are amazing - I have so enjoyed the trip & all the little extra touches that are so unique in a tour. Your patience & sensitivity to the group was heroic. You definnitely deserve a medal. I can see why you enjoy so many repeat customers. I love your energy & travel attitude. Thanks so much & all the best to you." - Carol R. (Ireland)


"I had dreamed of an African trip for 50 years.  This trip fulfilled every dream!  It was truly an adventure.  I loved the small planes, helicopter, and boat rides.  Every location was breathtaking and I always felt safe. The food was unique but so delicious.  Every site accommodated my dairy free diet with grace. The staffs and guides were so professional and friendly. I couldn't have asked for more.  Loved every minute of the trip, thanks to Ihla's wonderful itinerary and gentle guidance." - Judy M (S. Africa Safari)

"Ihla's tour of the Cinque Terre introduced me to a part of the world that is truly unique. The Albergo Amici Hotel was perfect. Our room had a small balcony that overlooked the town and had a view of the ocean. With Ihla as our guide, we were able to experience the sights, sounds and beauty of this special place more as a traveller than just a tourist." - Linda K. (Cinque Terre extension).

"What a wonderful time we all had with friends, old & new." - Jan P (Tuscany)

"I used to consider myself a seasoned traveler b/c I wandered all over Europe (e/c for Italy) and most of Asia during the 60s' and early 70s'.   Needless to say, my ideas about traveling with respect to planes and trains was sadly outdated as I was oft reminded by both myself and my beloved wife.  You helped me immeasurably in this regard although it had nothing to do with our itinerary in Tuscany.   For that I am very grateful.

As for the trip itself, it was marvelous.  Your selection of cities and towns, churches and castles, restaurants and museums interspersed with rides through the countryside by car or bus or train was more than I could have hoped for.  By ourselves,  Linda and I (and the rest of  our crew for that matter) could not have covered a quarter of what we saw as well as where we dined.  If I have the money to do so, I would travel with you to the ends of the earth, provided that the ends of the earth look. feel and taste like the Tuscany you showed us.  Thanks for this unique experience my dear Friend." - Jim K (Tuscany & Cinque Terre extension)




"Our trip to Turkey started out as a footnote; accompanying a trip to Greece.  It ended up being the most wonderful part of our adventure.  The dwellings at Cappadocia (one of the most unique-mystical experiences we've ever had); now rates as one of our favorite places in the world.The people we met all over Turkey were gracious and kind.  The food . . . well, it was amazing.  What a treat.  Another wonderful surprise: the Greek and Roman ruins.  They were more complete and fascinating than anything we saw in Greece.  Thank you, Ihla - for a wonderful (and surprising) addition to a lifetime of awe-inspiring travels." - Joanie and Bill G (Turkey)

"Trip was well planned and lots of fun." - Anne P. (Turkey, Greece)



"Touring the Greek Isles on a beautiful yacht for one week?  Sounds like the good life?  It was.  The food was delicious; and being on a ship, small enough to dock next to each town, was a treat.  It gave us lots of time to explore the islands.  The best part of our trip . . . Ihla.  She was the perfect guide (friend!): helpful, supportive, knowledgeable, and soooooo nice!  Thank you for setting up a wonderful adventure." - Joanie and Bill G. (Greece)


"Ihla does it again!  Turkey was a remarkable trip and we had the opportunity to see the sights and visit with locals to learn about their amazing country.  Everything you could hope for!" - Stephanie S. (Turkey)


"One of the best compliments we can give - is that the three-week trip went by so incredibly fast.  We had an amazing time.  Ihla's organization of the itinerary was masterful: from the accommodations; to the amazing adventures; to the jam-packed "fun" stuff to do and explore; beautifully accompanied by her respectful and nurturing manner.  It was a perfect blend: of opening up amazing experiences in unique places around the world; and guiding/celebrating our adventures (that we set out on - by ourselves).  We got our money's worth by the first week of the three-week trip.  Everything from then on was "icing on the cake"; and it sure was delicious!  Having traveled all over the world - this was the most relaxing, fun-filled adventure we've ever had.  Ihla was our safety net for every little detail.  We just sat back and enjoyed the ride of a lifetime.  We can't wait to travel with the "Drifter Sister" again.  We are fans of Ihla's.  Sign us up!!" - Joanie and Bill G. (Greece, Turkey, Peloponnese Extension)


"My second Greek islands cruise [with Drifter Sister] was just as great as the first!  The mega-yacht was just the perfect size to roam around the islands.  The beauty of a small boat cruise is that you can explore as much as you want on the islands, with your own mega-yacht awaiting your return to take you to the next island and adventure!" - Stephanie S. (Greece)


"The trip was well organized and planned. The villas were more than I expected and the food/restaurants were consistently good... felt like the Italy I had wanted to experience." - Sonja B. (Tuscany)


"Being on Ihla's planned trips is like wrapping oneself in bubble wrap and arriving safely to the destination." - Myrna H. (Tuscany)



"For anyone who wants to experience a true Tuscany tour this is the one for you! Great villas as a home base, easy pacing with a lot to see and not just the well known places. Ihla is up on some lesser known gems like La Verna." - Tom R. and Bob G. (Tuscany)


"I think it was a great trip.  I would recommend it to anyone... You did a great job dealing with all of us." - Josephine R. (Tuscany)



"Ihla is supremely organized and flexible. You'll have many options, all of them good.  Plus she certainly knows how to be sure her guests have fun." - Elle S. (Cinque Terre Extension)


"A great way to visit this area in depth without a lot of hassle. Your day is planned without feeling like a herd of sheep." - Bob G. and Tom R. (Cinque Terre)


"As always, Ihla has organized another FABULOUS trip.  This is my fifth trip, and I could not be happier.  Ihla's trips are a GREAT combination of touring the region you are located in along with relaxation.  It makes for a perfect combination, and I highly recommend heading to France with Ihla." - Judi A. (France) 


"Our hopes for the tour and expectations were fully met.  We felt we were as fully immersed into the French culture as we could possibly be in a few weeks’ time." - Ruth & Marty R. (France)



"Ihla has put together a very memorable trip. Everything was well planned and organized and it was a great way to see Ireland." - Joanne & Hugh A. (Ireland)


"This was a well-organized, comfortable and very affordable trip that covered a good slice of Ireland from archeological & historical sites and attractions to delving a little into Irish folklore and seeing the present day lifestyles of people here." - Barbara G. (Ireland)


"Before this trip, I was apprehensive about a tour with such a small group. Ihla's demeanor made me lose those thoughts from day one. If you enjoy good food, wine, fun times and making new friends, you'll enjoy this intimate touring experience." - Diane R. (Tuscany)


"Trip was low keyed and relaxing. Lots of time on our own." - Sharon K. (Tuscany)



"Ihla shares her love of Tuscany in a way that makes you love it too." - Cheryl L. (Tuscany)



"My wife and I joined Ihla on a spring Drifter Sister trip to Tuscany.  It was my first experience traveling with a led tour group.  The trip met and exceeded my expectations.  We had the opportunity to visit numerous hill towns that allowed one to compare how past civilizations built their structures and lived their lives.  The group also had the opportunity to live like the locals by staying in home-like villas and dining in eateries that aren't catering primarily to visitors.  Not only did we eat in local restaurants, we sat down and spent time chatting amongst ourselves and eating at a leisurely pace as opposed to grabbing a bite and heading out to the next item on a list of must-sees.  This relaxed pace was a new way of traveling for me and I found it very rewarding and satisfying." - Mark L.

"Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy Cinque Terre with Ihla. She provides an authentic Italian experience. ... Ihla's tour is tops." - Diane R. (Cinque Terre)


France tour testimonial"This was an excellent experience and quite affordable for all that was included. Staying in one location with day trips suited us perfectly, and the itinerary was varied and interesting. To me it was the perfect chance to enjoy historical sites, natural beauty, food and wine, local people, and comfortable lodgings. The printed material outlining each day’s destination enhanced our enjoyment of the places we visited, and we came away with an enhanced appreciation for French culture and history." - Margie & Cliff W. (France) 

"Paris can be overwhelming, especially for inexperienced travelers, but Ihla’s planning and attention to detail made the visit seem easy, pleasant and exciting.  From organizing taxis to lining up cafes and restaurants where non-French speakers could manage; from getting us to the Seine boat dock, on the boat and back to the hotel, down to guiding us through the huge crush of people at the Gare d’Lyon train station, we experienced no anxiety.  Her arrangements were the knife and fork for Earnest Hemingway’s “moveable feast!” - Margie & Cliff W. (Paris Pre-Trip Extension)

France tour testimonial"All of the preparation in the pre-trip guidance could not prepare us for the most remarkable trip I've been on to date.  The Paris pre-trip was enough to whet my appetite to go back someday and spend more time there.  The "trip for your money" ratio for both Paris and southern France was well worth it.  Both Greg and I look at our pictures and reminisce about the fun times we had and the new friends we made." - Becky T & Greg L. (France)

France tour testimonial"... Organization of itinerary was very good.  Bonnie and Ihla were always close to help and offer advice.  Cafes were clean and food was superb.  Many thanks to Ihla and Bonnie for their planning a sojourn to France which will be remembered for a long time.  The castle with its updated kitchen and bathrooms still had that ancient, medieval flavor yet it was not dark or dingy, but clean, bright and very roomy.  There are beautiful, luxurious grounds outside to relax, have a glass of wine or a bit to eat.  Or just take a pleasant walk around inside in the garden or sightsee outside through the narrow streets of A'gel and the high road above farmlands planted with grapes or olive trees. We learned about olive trees, olive oil, grapes and wine.  This trip has culture, education and time to play.  The French people were kind, and where needed, very helpful." - Charles H. (France)

France tour testimonial"Even if you have visited France before, as I had on more than one occasion, I highly recommend this trip as it is impossible to get the experience of having nearly full run of an actual castle for two weeks." - Wendy I. (France)


Canadian Rocky Mountaineer testimonial"Our trip was as seamless as any trip could be.  Thanks for freeing us up from concerns about luggage, tipping, making connections, etc., so we could instead just soak up the ambiance and beauty of each and every minute.  Great, great itinerary and trip.!!  Thanks!"> - Judy M. (Canadian Rocky Mountaineer)


Canadian Rocky Mountaineer testimonial"The beauty of the land was amazing.  Thank you for a great tour! We talked to several other people on the train who had booked the trip by themselves, and they didn’t visit all the places we did.  In fact one couple had less experiences but paid more!" - Nancy & Steve C. (Canadian Rocky Mountaineer)


“It was a wonderful trip. I enjoyed all of the places we visited.” – LueAnn A. (Tuscany)

Drifter Sister Catch the Wind Tours Client“The lunch & dinner meals were so delicious, the lodgings were awesome, each unique and wonderful, the variety of the cities & their history, and nothing tops seeing the fabulous Mesquita/Cathedral in Cordoba. The whole two weeks was a once in a lifetime experience.” – Jennifer S. (Spain)


Drifter Sister Catch the Wind Tours Client“This is trip #3 with Ihla!  I love how each day is planned out but also the flexibility of making changes (chemistry of the group).  Ihla does a FANTASTIC job of including everyone's requests during the trip.  I am so excited to continue my travels with IHLA!” – Judi A. (Spain)



Testimonial from our clients“This was hands-down the best trip we have ever taken. The gorgeous islands, the amazing turquoise Aegean sea, the beauty of the Peloponnese, and standing in the ORIGINAL Olympic stadium was more than we ever expected. We can't wait to go again!” – Steve & Nancy C. (Greece)

“Before going on this trip I would not have considered myself to be a tour type person … Now I look forward to being able to join Ihla on one of her future trips.” – Wendy I. (Greece)

“This is my second trip with Ihla! She takes all the worry out of traveling, and never misses a beat. You will always get more than what you paid for during the trips.” – Judi A. (Greece)

Drifter Sister Catch the Wind Tours Clients“If Ihla goes where we want to go we’ll go at the drop of the hat!” – Ron & Sharon K. (Greece)



“Ihla is such an accommodating, helpful group leader. She is so pleasant to be around. Loved our wonderful guide, comfortable transportation, excellent food, congenial fellow travelers, gorgeous scenery, and organized trip [leader]. Also loved Cobh and Killarney.” – Ann A. (Ireland)

“Would do it again with Ihla.” – Maggie V. (Ireland)

Drifter Sister Catch the Wind Tours Client“The trip to Ireland went beyond my expectations and I had a wonderful time that will never be forgotten! Tim was fantastic! Very informative. Loved seeing the animals, sheep herder and bird sanctuary, and of course the lambs. Loved the dinners… .” – Connie F. (Ireland)



“This trip more than met my expectations. The daily variety was outstanding – from seeing small villages, to large cities (Montpellier), the Mediterranean coast to the fabulous de Salses Fortress… visiting with local olive growers and vintners – we did it all. Of course, having Bonnie… as a guide made all the difference. The lunchtime meals were to die for… Paris was a special treat (being able to visit just what we wanted to). The small group made it a daily party of friends. Don’t miss your chance to see southwestern France!” – Jennifer H. (France)

“The great thing about the Tuscany trip … is that it’s great for the seasoned traveler and first timer alike – I did feel secure all the time.” – Shirley N. (Tuscany)

Drifter Sister Catch the Wind Tours Client“Ihla exceeded all expectations. She lead us to area totally unknown to tourists. The ‘snacks & breakfasts’ wanted for nothing. Lots of surprise gourmet treats. She was always there for any questions and when we were on our own in villages and cities, she always seemed to know where we were! And if we were unsure of ourselves she was always willing to accompany us. She was always loaded with ideas. I can highly recommend her trip to all ages.” – JoAnn H. (Tuscany)

"Can there be a better way to get up close and personal with Alaska??  I doubt it! A true learning experience from kayak to walking on glaciers.  Ihla has the expertise to make your dream trip come alive!!"   Phyllis V. (Alaska)

Drifter Sister Catch the Wind Tours Clients“Thank you so very much for a memorable vacation to Alaska. The trip was everything you advertised it to be and more. (We) feel we saw and experienced parts of Alaska that the ordinary traveler never does – you made it happen, and for that we thank you. We will always be grateful for our decision to ‘catch the wind’ with Drifter Sister!” - Mary Anne & Larry R. (Alaska)

“You … made this trip a dream come true.” – Rosemarie I. (Tuscany)

“Staying at the Chateau was like a real-life fairy tale.” - Margaret K. (France)

“… you did a great job as moderator and trying to keep everyone happy. It certainly was well planned and executed and I think all of us had a great time. Pacing was good. I certainly have sung your praises to many... The farmhouse luncheon will be a wonderful memory for years to come. I can salivate just remembering it.” – Lisa K. (France)


“Well planned and coordinated. Tour leader was well organized and met the needs of the individuals who varied in interests and physical abilities. Ihla is very well grounded in the tour areas and access to them.” – Phyllis V. (Tuscany)

“A refreshing adventure!” – Philip E. (Tuscany)

Drifter Sister Catch the Wind Tours Clients“A wonderful adventure in small towns with kind merchants. Escape in trails of park or relax by the sea sipping local wines. A great value for the experience.” – Peggy & Phil E. (Cinque Terre)

“A must see experience! The setting, church bells, roof top garden, interesting villages.” – Phyllis V. (Cinque Terre)

“A beautiful experience I didn’t know existed.” – Terry R. (Cinque Terre)


“The grounds were so lovely and the whole Spa trip was relaxing and so much fun. I loved it all.” – Audrey O. (Ixtapan Spa)

“A very affordable trip to a lovely spa where we were pampered every day.” – Nancy C. (Ixtapan Spa)

Drifter Sister Catch the Wind Tours Client

“A fun way to see the beauty and lushness of the Central Mexico mountains…” – Jennifer S. (Ixtapan Spa)

“… a beautifully executed trip with the perfect mix of structure and freedom.” – Margaret K. (Tuscany)

“The whole adventure went like clockwork… You can see and do as much or as little as you want. The villa … and scenery were outstanding.” – Jennifer S. (Tuscany)

“… a unique blend of independent travel and guided tour. It was a wonderful trip. Thank you, Ihla.” – Phyllis B. (Tuscany)

“An amazing adventure.” – Jeff F. (Tuscany)

“Obviously this trip was carefully planned and executed. It brought to us a wonderful experience that would be difficult to find anywhere else.” – Terry J. (Tuscany)